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About me

Constance has always been an artist and loved painting. From childhood she has been creating works of art. Not knowing what to do with her artistic ability she put talent aside and worked a few different jobs until she met her husband and became a stay at home mother to two little girls.


She discovered her talent for face painting when her oldest daughter always insisted on having her face painted at every fair, festival, or carnival she went to. Being an artist she decided to give it a try, and fell in love with the art form right away. Seeing the joy it brought to her daughter she decided to  start a business as a professional face painter, and bring that joy to many other children. Surprising her husband, as he had no idea of her hidden talent.


With only natural ability and an artistic eye Constance is entirely self taught.  She spent the next few years honing her craft, making many children and adults alike many happy memories.


Her favorite moment is that first look a child has looking into a mirror after being transformed into beautiful butterflies, lovable kitties, heroic superheroes, gorgeous princesses, scary monsters, or ferocious tigers – the possibilities are endless. She loves making that magic happen. She truly loves what she does and hopes that it shows in every stroke of her brush.What she loves most about her job is that she can go to work and leave happier than when she began, how rewarding!

Pittsburgh Face Painting
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