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I strive to keep my rates as low as possible. However, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into face and body art.  This includes countless hours of research, practice, preparation and personal consultations to be sure you are getting the right services for your unique occasion and wishes. I am constantly studying, creating, and learning new techniques and designs to make your children light up. I have also been personally trained by some of the top professionals in the face and body art world.  Being a mother I understand how fast party expenses add up.  But I also understand how adding bigger smiles to their faces (making events and the pictures of them more unique, exciting, and memorable) is priceless! 

SAFETY COMES FIRST!  Tremendous time, effort and money are invested to make sure only top of the line SAFE FDA compliant cosmetic grade materials are used.  Just because a product is labeled 'non toxic' does NOT mean that is safe for use on skin, especially the delicate skin of a child.  Sadly some stores even sell products labeled 'face paint' that are not tested/approved.  Face paint should be easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and easy to remove with soap and water. If you or your child has had a bad experience with wearing or washing the paint, it is most likely do to someone using inappropriate products. 

If you are considering someone with cheaper rates or 'volunteer' face painters, you may want to ask about their materials used, as well as see samples of their work...there are 'artists' out there who use acrylic paints and other dangerous or toxic materials not intended for use on skin (which can cause bad reactions and discomfort).  The picture above was shared by a face painting colleague and shows what can happen when products are used that are not tested and approved for face and body art.   

Not only for an experience filled with professionalism, friendliness, and artistic ability; but more importantly for the safety of your children, paying a professional face and body artist with talent, training, creative skills and professional supplies is well worth it!




Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional face painter?

About Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos:

What type of paints do you use? 
I use professional cosmetic grade face paints and glitters made especially for use on skin. I DO NOT use craft paints. Just because something is labeled "washable" or "non-toxic" does not mean that it is safe on the skin. These products contain harsh chemicals that can damage and irritate sensitive skin or severely irritate the eyes. My kit includes Wolfe Brothers, Diamond FX, and TAG which all have been specially formulated for safe use on skin.
How do I remove the face paint?

Create a lather with a mild soap to loosen the paint then rinse off. Do not try to rub off with a cloth because this could cause the paint to set into the pores. Please be aware that some colors may cause staining. If stains linger, rub in some baby oil or lotion and wash off after 15 minutes. Stains do fade over time.

What type of designs do you offer?
I paint full-face designs, half-face designs, masks, and cheek art. I always bring along my display boards and design books so the guests can choose what they like.
How long does each design take to paint?
The amount of time it takes to paint each design varies greatly. Standard designs take anywhere from 4 - 8 minutes. The amount of time spent on a design depends on the intricacies and the size of the design. I aim for my models to spend at the most 5 minutes in my chair.
How long do the glitter tattoos last?

Glitter tattoos can last up to a week if taken care of properly. They are waterproof and can be easily removed with baby oil or 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

Booking Information:

What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

I will try to accommodate the new date and time, however, if I am not available, your booking fee will NOT be refunded. Once a date and time has been reserved, all other inquires for that date and time are turned away.  Booking fees can be applied toward future events.

Would you consider donating your time for charitable events?

While I am unable to donate my time and materials for free, I can provide special discount rates for School/Sports Fundraisers, Church Events, Boy/Girl Scouts, Library Events and other non-profits. I would love to help you with your fundraising efforts! Please call or e-mail me for more details.

Why do you charge what you charge?

As much as I LOVE doing what I do this is not just a hobby for me, it is my business and with a business comes taxes, insurance, cost of materials, transportation and so on. I want to ensure that all guests at your event are not just happy but safe as well. I do this by purchasing paints and glitters that are FDA compliant and made for use on the skin. I also pay for business liability insurance. I understand that in the current state of the economy we are always looking for the best deal. I assure you that I will provide quality service and professionalism. 

At the Event:

How old do you have to be to get face painted?
I would recommend 2 years old and up. I would like for all children to enjoy getting their faces painted. However, some children are not willing to get their faces painted and some tend to have sensitive skin. Usually simple cheek art is the best option for toddlers. I would also suggest getting a patch test done. I would dab a small amount of paint onto the inside of the elbow or wrist and then wait 45 minutes to see the results. I will not paint an unwilling child. They must sit in my chair and tell me what they want on their own.
If a guest has a cold or has cuts on his or her face then can they still be painted?
To avoid the spread of potential germs and infections, I do not paint a guest with a cold sore, open wound or continuously runny nose. I will offer them something on their arm or hand instead. The guest will be treated with sensitivity and offered an alternative instead, although it is the parent or guardian's responsibility not to put a child into that position in the first place. to put a child into that position in the first place.

Still have questions?
Please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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