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Face Painting

Hand painted designs sure to please everyone. Become anything you can imagine.  Pirate, Princess, Fairy, Superhero, Butterfly, Monster, Tiger,  and  so much more.
I use only the highest quality theatrical make up that comes off easily with soap and water. They are FDA compliant, hypoallergenic, and non toxic. 
(TIP:  For easiest face paint removal, rub and lather all painted areas with soap before adding any water, then simply rinse off with warm water. If any colors remain, simply repeat.  Using baby wipes or harsh soaps can irritate the skin.  Do NOT scrub to remove paint.  If pigment remains around eyes, makeup remover can be used if needed.)

Glitter tattoos

Temporary tattoos created with sparkling glitter!  Special adhesive stencils are used, along with SAFE non-toxic cosmetic glue, and then a choice from a rainbow of beautiful glitter shades is sprinkled over the top!  Now also offering Black Colorini (a black matte finish, great choice for boys and others who don't want glitter.  They actually look like REAL tattoos!) Glitter tattoos are sure to add sparkle to any event. Glitter Tattoos are non toxic, WATERPROOF and can last from 3-7 days!  A great option for sweaty summer days, pool parties, parties with slip n slides, sprinkler fun, splash parks, water parks, and/or bounce houses! (TIP: For glitter tattoo removal, you can use alcohol or baby oil. Let oil sit on tattoo for a few minutes to saturate adhesive if needed.)

Sand Art

Sand art is a great activity and favor all in one!! I provide many fun shaped bottles to choose from and 10 bright colors of sand (can be available in squeeze bottles to eliminate the mess!) A great keepsake to remember your party for years!

***Only available as an add-on to face painting or glitter tattoo parties.

Airbrush Tattoos

Don’t like glitter? Airbrush tattoos are for you.

Stencils are used along with SAFE non-toxic ink.  Airbrush tattoos are non toxic, WATER RESISTANT, SMUDGEPROOF and can last up to 10 days! A great option for hot summer days, pool parties, and bounce houses.

Two types of ink available.

Washable- WATER RESISTANT, lasts 1-3 days but easily removes with soap and water.

Alcohol Ink-WATERPROOF!!! Lasts 5-10 days, removes with alcohol.

Custom stencils can be made for an additional charge 

Airbrush Face Painting

Airbrush face painting is a new twist on an old favorite! Airbrush face painting is a faster alternative to traditional brush face painting. Designs can be created in 2-3 minutes! The make up we use is water resistant, goes on fast, dries instantly, won’t smudge or smear and stay on in the pool!! When ready to remove it washes off easily with liquid soap and water on a washcloth. 

Airbrush make up is the most durable, longest lasting, non staining and most water resistant makeup formula on the market!

Airbrush make up is also the most sanitary form of face painting! Nothing touches the face except the stencil which we clean with alcohol between each person! We always take care to be as sanitary as possible. But if this is something you are concerned with, airbrush face painting is the way to go.

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