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Referral Program

Earn a FREE Party!

The best advertisement is I have is YOU! Thank you for referring me to your friends, family and coworkers.   
I want to thank you by giving back, so I am offering a Referral Program to help you earn a FREE party! 
Every time you refer someone that books a party, you earn 10% off. You can use your referral bonus as a discount or save it up to get a free party (up to $100 value). 













1 referral = 10% off                            2 referrals = 20% off                 
3 referrals = 30% off                          4 referrals = 40% off
5 referrals = 50% off                          6 referrals = 60% off
7 referrals = 70% off                          8 referrals = 80% off
9 referrals = 90% off                        10 referrals = FREE!

***A "referral" means a paid, contracted party. Referred client must mention you name their booking agreement. Referral bonus never expires. Free party cannot exceed $100 value and is pending availability. Please book at least 6 weeks in advance to help ensure availability. Regular terms and conditions apply. 

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